How can i book a transfer?
You can book a transfer by calling our 24-hour call center  at the number
+39 3341169329 or by filling in the booking form

How can i find my driver?
Once the transfer booking will be made, we will send you an email with all the details and the meeting point where you will find the driver waiting for you, holding a sign with your name.

Can i have the driver’s telephone number?
No, for any problem you will have to contact our call center

What can i do if my flight is in delay or if i am late for the meeting?
You have to inform our call center as soon as possible, by calling or sending an sms/email to the number +39 3341169329 or to, in order for Taxi-Transfer to organize at best the required service.

What happens if i can’t find my driver?
You have to phone our call center and we will immediately put you in contact with your driver.

If my luggage gets lost at the airport, can you retrieve it for me?
All flight companies have agents in charge of luggage. They will organize to send the luggage back to the customer’s address of residence. In particular cases,when the customer can’t wait the time set out by airport employess to get his luggage back, you can arrange with Taxi-transfer call center for a direct withdrawal by a driver, determining cost and modality in advance .

If i forget something inside the vehicle can i retrieve it?
You have to call the taxi-transfer call center providing your transfer details in order for us to become active, after a quick check, in the recovery of the forgotten objects, possibly without expense or just with the redelivery costs.

Are children counted in the number of people making use of the transfer?
For safety reasons children are also counted as a taken place.

How can i get a baby’s chair for my transfer?
You will just have to insert it in the booking notes

Booking: can i get a repayment?
Yes, in certain circumstances. Read the service terms and conditions.

Can i change my transfer date?
Yes, obviously within the possible time limits. Read the terms and conditions

Can i have a receipt for the service?
Sure, you just have to ask the driver for it; the invoice shall be instead required upon booking, specifying all the filling necessary data.

I have lots of luggage, among which also a bicycle and other cumbersome objects, will there be enough space?
At the time of booking you will have to specify all the objects and luggage in excess,otherwise taxi-transfer will have the right whether or not to accept undeclared luggage with extra increase expenses

Can we stop and make shopping during the transfer?
Consult the driver, the service is not included in the transfer. Possible waiting costs will have to be refunded.

There are supplements for night requests?   
From 21.00 to 6.00 is applied a supplement of €5



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